Apply to be An Algaari Artist

For Artists interested in selling their work with Algaari Arts

What kind of artists are we looking for?

Whether Digital, Traditional, Conventional, Contemporary, any kind of Visual Artist with their own distinct style can apply.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”
– Albert Einstein

We select and curate Artists and their work to sell with Algaari Vistaar.

Apply for a chance to be selected in the pool of exceptional artists, with fantastic art. You can also list Online(Live or Pre-Recorded), Offline Courses of your skill with Algaari Abhyaas.

What do you get?

A Platform to Sell your Art

we offer a curated, exclusive platform to talented artists with several benefits.

A Platform to Teach your Skills

Sign up with our Algaari Abhyaas Program to list your Online (Live, Pre-recorded) and Offline courses on our Website. We curate all our products and courses.

You decide the art's worth!

We work on a commission basis, and you receive the funds you deserve.

All systematically documented

We do everything by the book. We will sign a contract with you before listing to protect yours and our assets. We want to support artists and not exploit them.

Help with Promotion

We market your work on our social media along with our other products and help you build your digital presence to better suit the industry.

Mentor Program

We have a Mentor Program for Artists grooming artists, Artists support artists. You get access to a community of newcomers, as well as established artists.

For Digital Portraits

We help you with Printing, Shipping, and Logistics for your digital work.

How does it Work?


Apply to be an Algaari Artist!

Fill in the form and apply for a chance to be selected in the special few companies for Pro-bono Benefits.


Await a reply

Our panel selects artists with exceptional talent. 

We will assess your application, and get back to you if your application is accepted or denied within 2 weeks.

Check your Inbox for regular updates from us.


On Selection/Rejection

If you are selected, we schedule a call with you about working out logistics, commissions, and other details.

If you’re denied, don’t lose hope, apply again with an updated portfolio.

Would you like to talk to us for more information?

We’re always up for a cup of coffee.