Algaari Netra

For Individuals

Algaari Netra is for individuals with great taste in art, and a knack for gifting and owning really memorable pieces. We present Algaari Haat (Shop) just for you, Now infuse art in your life, and share art with the people you love. 

Rekindle your creative spark, and celebrate the beautiful journey of life, with Algaari Netra.

  • Algaari Uphaar | Gifting Solutions
  • Algaari Vistaar | Interior Decor Kits
  • Algaari Abhyaas | Learn with Algaari
  • Sm-art Kits for Lekhak(Writers), Sangeetkaar(Musicians and Bands), Utsav(Family Events), etc
Helping you infuse art in all aspects of your life, through our curated collections.

Algaari Uphaar​

Gifting Solutions​

Do you often find yourself confused over how to make the people in your life feel special?

Algaari has got your back! We have personalized gifting solutions for you!

Algaari Vistaar

Interior Decor for Spaces

Bring art to the spaces in your homes, offices, cafes, hotels, businesses. 

Algaari Vistaar is all about concept Sm-art kits of canvasses and handicrafts, curated with aesthetic themes.

A collaboration of artists bringing color to your walls. 

Algaari Abhyaas

Learn from the Professionals

Studies show that learning new things throughout your life keeps your brain sharp.

Algaari Abhyaas is our contribution to the world to teach what we know.

Sm-art Kit for Lekhak, Chitrakaar, Sangeetkaar

Design, Film and Digital Marketing Solutions for Artsits, Writers, Musicians and Music Bands

Are you a Writer, Musician, Band, Artist trying to showcase your work to the world but don’t know how?

Algaari has got you covered. Visit Haat for starting your journey today.

Design and Film Making Needs for family events and Weddings

Are you celebrating a milestone event in your life? Let us make the celebration unique and personalized.

Algaari Haat - Our Shop, is the one-stop solution to all your Gifting, Decor and Art Requirements.

Let us infuse art into your life and Business.