Personalized Wedding E-Invites

Unconventional Unique Wedding E-Invites for environmentally conscious couples.

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What is it?

A Personalized Wedding E-Invite with Photographs/Illustrations of your choice in a format selected by you.

This Product is about a wedding E-invite to make your wedding experience unique.

What’s included?

  • JPEG(Static), MP4(with Video and CC Music) or SVG(Printable) based on your selection with your selected attributes
  • 2 Revisions in the Production Phase

What’s excluded but can be provided at an additional expense?

  • Additional Revisions or Variations
  • Any Attributes not selected
  • Printed Files

How does it work?

  1. Select the attributes.
    1. Number of Pages – Indian Weddings have multiple events. If you want each event to have a separate page, select the number of pages accordingly.
      Each Page will have an Environment/Background and 1 Photo/Illustration of the couple
      You can also select one single page for listing all your events.
      It is completely up to what you want.
    2. Style – Photographs Only, Minimal Illustrations with Details and Expressions
    3. Submission – Static File (JPEG/PDF), 30 to 45 seconds Video with Copyright Free Music (MP4), Printable Digital File (SVG)
  2. Purchase the Product.
  3. On Purchase, you will receive an email requesting details. Fill out the form, Attach high-resolution photographs for reference, and Submit.
  4. Production Phase – We begin creating Magic
  5. We submit a draft via email, for feedback. (A total of 2 Revisions are offered)
  6. Final Delivery – We make the final touches and deliver the invite to you in your requested form. 

Time Taken  –

Depending on the time taken for Feedback and the complexities of your project, this process will take up to 20 to 40 days 

Why purchase this?

  • Exclusively Yours​ and Unique!

Personalized wedding e-invites can reflect the couple’s personality, style, and theme. You can design a custom invitation that is unique and memorable to you and your guests. Make your wedding invitation more meaningful and special.

  • Environmentally Conscious!

E-invites are a convenient and eco-friendly way of inviting guests. Personalized e-invites can be created and sent digitally, which eliminates the need for paper, printing, and postage. Guests can receive the invitation instantly, and they can RSVP quickly and easily via email or online platforms.

  • Ace-Quality​!

With Algaari Arts, you need not worry about the quality, integrity, or punctuality of the project.

Everything we create, we create with ‘Meraki’.

Let us infuse art into your lives.

Additional information

Number of Pages

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Illustration Style

Photographs Only, Minimal with Details and Expressions

Submit in

Static File (JPEG/PDF),
30 to 45 seconds Video with Copyright Free Music (MP4),
Printable Digital File (SVG)


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