You Are Algaari

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Creators' Note

I absolutely love capturing the essence of people in the portraits in this series. Illustrating ordinary humans with extra-ordinary personalities.


To create as many portrait illustrations of Humans and Pets as many possible

Project Timeline

Ongoing since Since 2016

You are Algaari Series

A Series of Ordinary Humans with Extraordinary Personalities

Observe your sense of self, You have 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth. Just like me.
You are experiencing moments of happiness, sadness, curiousity, and courage, surviving the wild bouquet of emotions, just like me.
You’ve lived through, different ages of your life, at different stages of your life, escaping different cages in your life, just like me.
Observe your sense of self.
Breathe in, Breathe out.
You are a force of nature,
Alone and together,
Surrounded by love and humans,
Slaying your own dragons and demons,
Containing inner peace and igniting a new purpose to live, everyday.
Just like me.
Don’t you see?
We live the same lives, the same patterns, under the same sky, feeling the same emotions; but you are unique, irreplaceable, indispensable.
We all have 2 eyes, but every eye has it’s own characteristics.
We are the same species, but we’re also our own personalities.
Aren’t you just as unique as I am?
Aren’t you just as Algaari as me?

Type of Project

A combination of self-funded, and commissions.


  • Pencil on Paper,
  • Digital,
  • Canvas,
  • Short Film



  • Graphite Sketching Pencils
  • A4 Cartridge Paper
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Canvas


  • Procreate
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Splash XD
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro

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